Does Apple surprise with a new product on Tuesday?

The year 2020 was one with many Apple events and even more new Apple products. But it seems like this year’s final product announcement is yet to come. Apple would have something in store for Tuesday, December 8, a leaked internal memo shows.

Another new Apple product in 2020?

Apple sent the memo to service providers this week and it has also come into the hands of news site MacRumors. The memo states that something is about to happen next Tuesday at 5:30 am Pacific Time.

Apple has notified service providers that “AppleCare-related changes” are planned. The company has also advised technicians to prepare for new or updated product descriptions and new or updated product prices.

Press release

According to MacRumors, Apple sent nearly identical memos to previous product announcements, such as the iPhone 12. It seems likely that Apple will release a new or updated Apple product on Tuesday.

This will not happen during a special Apple event, but through a press release. Tuesday around 2:30 PM is also a common time for Apple to send these types of press releases. In May of this year, this also happened with the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, for example.

Which product?

While we can normally estimate what will come out of Apple’s pipeline, it is now a complete guess. There have been all kinds of rumors about new Apple products, such as the AirTags, over-ear headphones and new Apple TV. All were expected to be scheduled for 2021.

But when we were bookies, we gave the AirTags the lowest odds. This Apple product appears to be the most ready for a launch. The AirTag is a bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your valuables. You can then track it down in the Find My app.

Christmas surprise

A few weeks ago, Apple leaker @ L0vetodream already reported that you are getting a “Christmas surprise” from Apple. That surprise would “really be something for winter”. For example, we were thinking of a new AirPods Studio headphones that can keep your ears warm this winter.

We will know more on Tuesday.