Do you buy an iPad? Then you can easily take one without Cellular

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Many people who want to buy an iPad have doubts: should you go for a iPad with or without Cellular? With a Cellular version you connect to the 3G or 4G network – only you pay around 150 euros extra for that. And that is often not necessary …

 iPad with or without Cellular

iPad with or without Cellular buy?

With an iPad without Cellular you have to have wifi. However, this does not mean that as soon as you close the front door behind you and you are out of the reach of Wi-Fi, you will not be able to access the internet. There is still a detour: the data bundle of your iPhone.

If you have a good data bundle and need the 3G or 4G network only occasionally for your iPad, it makes little sense to buy an iPad with Cellular . The iPhone is probably always with you and you can use it as a personal hotspot to access the internet. How to do that:

Activate personal hotspot on an iPhone

First you bring your iPad. If you are logged in with the same Apple ID on your iPhone and iPad, your iPhone automatically appears on the available Wi-Fi networks. Can not you? Then open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap on ‘Personal hotspot’ and activate the upper slider. Below you will find the password of your hotspot. Now go to ‘Settings> Wi-Fi’ on your iPad, tap on the name of your shared network and enter the password. You can now use your iPad without Cellular to access the internet – without wifi.


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