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Do disaster reports also have to be distributed via Netflix and Spotify?

In the US they are already out. A part of the Senate wants ’emergency alerts’ about, for example, tsunamis, nuclear attacks and other misery to be reported not only on TV and radio, but also via streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify . The number of cord-cutters, as the people who are not called regular TV or radio see and hear more, is getting bigger and there is a chance that they will not get a hurricane to them because they really do not – merge with the new Stranger Things.

Now there are several ways to warn the population, of course. We have a similar system for public broadcasters in the Netherlands, of course we have our monthly sirens, but they instruct us to turn on radio or television. There are also people in the Netherlands who do not have regular channels on their TV and who also do not listen to radio, which may have contributed to the decision to buy the sirens from 2020 onwards. We will then use sound trucks, NL-Alert (which every mobile phone can reach within reach of a mast with messages) and social media.

If it is there …

A system as requested in the US is not necessarily needed for the Netherlands, but as Netflix Spotify and the rest have to build in because it is a necessity in the States, we could just as well use it in the Netherlands. That depends, of course, on the costs for all parties and the need for that extra platform. NL-Alert reaches everyone who has reach on the smartphone, but if you can also use all streaming services, you also have a path to people who are indoors or who only have Wi-Fi. The question then is whether the system in the Netherlands should ensure that people go to see the disaster transmitters, or that the streaming services would be taken over to provide the information. The latter is in any case not foreseen in the US, so that could be an argument for not doing it in the Netherlands.

Anyway, it is wise to think about how we are responsible and above all safe (you should not think that such a system is hacked) that a call can be made to inform everyone of information. provided, without the message disappearing in the noise of communication that undoubtedly follows a disaster or report thereof.

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