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Disney+ now works on Linux systems

Disney + now works properly on Linux systems. Previously, Linux users received error code 83 due to strict DRM settings. To work around this, users had to install a Windows version of Chrome via Wine, but this is no longer necessary.

Since this week, Linux users can easily watch videos on Disney +, reports OmgUbuntu. At its release, the Disney service was not usable on Linux systems, a Dutch blogger complained. Multiple streaming services use Google’s Widevine drm, including that of Disney. Many devices, including Linux computers and Android phones, only support the lowest security level of Widevine. This means that Netflix content on such devices, for example, cannot be streamed in 4k resolution, but otherwise, the service usually works properly.

However, the required security level of Disney + was so high that the service did not work at all on Linux systems. Users who tried to use the service received error code 83. This could only be solved by installing the Windows version of Google Chrome via the Wine application, which allows Windows programs to be installed on Linux.

In the meantime, Disney has solved the problems, presumably by lowering the required Widevine security level. Linux users can now simply use Disney +. We were able to confirm this on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS computer with the Firefox browser, but in theory, the service now works on every modern Linux distribution.

The Disney streaming service had 10 million users a day after the official release. On the service, users can watch movies and television series from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic.

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