Disney + now also on Samsung smart TVs

There are all kinds of ways to watch Disney + on TV. Via an Apple TV for example, or by using a Chromecast. But the most useful thing is directly via an app on the television. This was already possible with certain Sony televisions, but now the Disney + app is also available for recent smart TVs from Samsung.

Disney + Samsung smart TV

These are Samsung televisions from 2017 and newer. With these smart TVs, the Disney + app can be downloaded free of charge from the Tizen Store of your smart TV. The app is not available with older models.

If you have an older Samsung television, there are many other ways to get Disney + on the big screen. For example, you can use the Disney + app on the iPhone or iPad, where you stream the image to the television with Chromecast or AirPlay. Disney + is also present on the PlayStation and Xbox.

Watch Disney + on Fire TV

In addition, there is a way, because Disney + also shines on Fire TV devices from 12 November. The Fire TV is a relatively inexpensive media device from Amazon, with which you can provide your television with all kinds of apps via a stick. The Disney + app can therefore also be installed on this soon.

Apple TV +

Apple has also had its own streaming service for series and films since this month: Apple TV +. This service is cheaper (€ 5.99) than Disney + and associates, although the offer is also more limited. At the moment there are only seven series and one documentary.