Discord comes with a moderation tool that automatically detects unwanted word use

Discord has introduced a new moderator tool that allows admins and moderators to automatically detect and block unapproved written word usage on Discord servers. The language is intercepted before the messages are posted.

Admins and moderators can manually set up to three word filters via Automod with written words or sentences that they consider undesirable and do not want to receive. They can also use Discord’s automatic English dictionary that is regularly updated. What words are on that list, Discord, however, does not want to disclose.

It is also possible via Automod to link a certain action to the word lists. For example, the written message can be blocked, the sender of the message can be given a temporary time-out or the admin can be informed about the language used. Exceptions can also be set per word list and users are given the option to detect and block variations of disallowed words.

Automod currently consists of word filters, but Discord says it is working on additional filters that should be able to detect or block other unwanted content in the future. The company did not disclose what that content is. The company reports that the newly introduced filters also work on links and spam. For now, only the Discord servers with a Community server have the option to use Automod.

Discord Automod