DICE Shares Extensive Plans to Improve Battlefield 2042 Map Design

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Developer DICE has unveiled new plans to improve Battlefield 2042. In the near future, the studio will tackle the game’s map design, among other things. In addition, the company shares examples of changed maps and asks for feedback from players.

DICE writes in an extensive blog post that the studio wants to improve the design of playing fields in five areas. For example, the company reports that it should be easier to cross the playing fields. DICE acknowledges player criticism that Battlefield 2042 may feel like a “walking simulator” because the playing fields are larger than before and the objectives are further apart. The studio wants to counteract this by reducing the total travel time between objectives and base spawns. This must be achieved by moving both. The company says it has identified some examples of this, but also invites players to provide feedback in this area.

The studio also wants to tackle the intensity; the company writes that, for example, 128-player rounds in Breakthrough mode can be chaotic. DICE is investigating whether it makes sense to have a 128-player Breakthrough, compared to 64 players. Consideration could also be given to reducing the number of vehicles.

Furthermore, DICE writes that there are currently too many flat and open fields, so that players can be shot at a great distance. The studio wants to improve that by creating more places for players to hide as they travel from objective to objective. There must also be clearer paths to objectives and more opportunities to take cover. The company is thus trying to limit long-range combat.

DICE shares two examples of updated playing fields incorporating these points. This concerns the map Kaleidoscope in the game modes Conquest and Breakthrough. The studio writes that the points will also be carried through in the new maps that will be introduced in future seasons. The company indicates that Kaleidoscope is currently the priority. That map should be updated in the game’s first season, which is due to start in the summer. The company indicates that that playing field is currently the priority, but that other older maps can also be addressed, partly based on feedback.

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