DICE Considers Different Scoreboard, Server Browser, and Voice Chat in Battlefield 2042

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Game developer DICE indicates that legacy features such as a scoreboard at the end of a round, a server browser and the ability to use in-game voice chat may be added to Battlefield 2042.

Commenting on a recent update and plans for the near future, DICE says it is “carefully evaluating the desire to bring legacy features back.” In addition, the developer specifically mentions a scoreboard at the end of a round, a browser so that players can choose much more specifically to play on a particular server, and the ability to use in-game voice chat.

According to DICE, these are ‘big topics’ that cannot all be dealt with at the same time. The developer reports that he wants to say something about it, but says that he will only do so later when something can really be shown. DICE also only then goes into details about the long-term vision for certain features and functions.

A modified scoreboard, a server browser and the lack of in-game voice chat are some points that are often mentioned by players as criticisms of Battlefield 2042, according to DICE. It is not entirely clear what the developer is referring to with regard to the scoreboard. The current scoreboard has been criticized for not having a traditional display during and after a round.

The game does contain some sort of scoreboard, but it lacks a view with an overview of all individual players sorted according to their individual statistics and data, such as the number of times they have killed an opponent or killed themselves. Those kinds of numbers and rows in the form of a clear scoreboard are actually always a standard part of multiplayer shooters and that also applies to previous Battlefield games.

Battlefield 2042 has already received a patch and there is no end to it for the time being. The second update will be released on Thursday, which will include improvements to the bullet spread of weapons. Particularly with automatic rifles, the criticism is that too much deviation occurs. Bullets, according to players, too often deviate from the point at which they are aimed, so that they often miss opponents. Furthermore, the accuracy for shooting still and zoomed in increases and the hovercraft vehicle is made less powerful.

A third update will be released in December that should improve or add even more points. DICE also mentions complaints about the consistency of aim assist on the consoles, but the developer has not yet said when a solution will be forthcoming.

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