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Developers release ChromiumOS fork FydeOS for Pinebook Pro

Developers released FydeOS for the Pinebook Pro. With that fork of ChromiumOS, users can run ChromeOS on their laptop, as well as Android applications. It is still a beta release.

The FydeOS development team says it has been working on the release for over two months. FydeOS is a fork of ChromiumOS and is based on the most recent Chromium release: 86.0.4240. The port works on the Pinebook Pro, a Linux laptop with a Rockchip soc built by Pine64. FydeOS has been available on PCs and a handful of other laptops and tablets for some time.

The FydeOS port for the Pinebook Pro also allows running the Android and Linux subsystem as well as apps for those operating systems. Users can also configure Open GApps on it.

For the time being it is a beta release. The makers therefore warn that a number of features are not working properly. For example, the camera does not work at all, there is a problem in the power management that causes a delay when starting, and it is difficult to do a right click with the trackpad.

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