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Developer asks money for removal passwords from search engine

A developer has created a front end with the full passwords from the BreachCompilation database. He or she asks users to deposit ten dollars in bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum to remove passwords from people from the search engine.

The website is now online, reports RTL Nieuws following a tip . The site allows users to enter an e-mail address, after which it shows the passwords that emerged in the BreachCompilation database. The Dutchman d0gberry recently also built a frontend. The database contains 1.4 billion passwords collected from dozens of hacks in recent years.
The site shows, in contrast to from d0gberry, not only the first characters, but the entire passwords. In addition, the developer asks ten dollars in bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum to make the passwords of that user disappear from the site.
It is unknown if there are people who have paid the developer. The name of the site is not widely known, so the chance seems small that many internet users have encountered the search engine. It is not the first search engine for the passwords from BreachCompilation. In recent months, many people have already built such a site and put it online. Some of them censor the passwords, others do not.


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