Demon Internet ADSL survey

crisp writes: “Demon sent out a mailing yesterday to all its subscribers, with a reference to a online survey about ADSL.” With the help of the questionnaire, Demon wants to find out more about the specific needs of its customers:

From the questions that reach us via email and telephone, it is clear that many of you are eagerly awaiting Demon’s announcement about ADSL – the new broadband Internet connection.

Since the beginning of this year, Demon Internet has been in talks with various providers of ADSL technology. We expect to be able to provide more information soon. In order to be able to offer a package that meets the needs of our customers, we ask for your opinion on a few things. To this end, we use a survey set up by the research agency Multiscope.

Go to and complete the online survey. on
more information about DSL connections in general is given. The survey will be available until June 5th.

More information about Demon’s ADSL products will follow soon. No pricing or release date information will be provided by Demon prior to the official announcement.

Naomi Sprenger

(Support Engineer)