Darksiders III Will Get Two DLC Expansions After Release

THQ Nordic has announced that the Game Darksiders III, which will be released on November 27, will receive two DLC expansions. They are called The Crucible and Keepers of the Void. Among other things, they add new opponents and items.

In its announcement, the company speaks of “new challenges, puzzles, objects and opponents,” as well as the addition of new areas. In The Crucible, the main character Fury gains access to a location of the same name at the invitation of a ‘foreign entity’. There, Fury must then defeat enemies that follow each other in waves to earn rewards and items.

In Keepers of the Void, Fury gains access to The Serpent Holes. By defeating enemies, a new weapon can be obtained there, just like the so-called Abyssal Armor. THQ will not announce when exactly the DLC should be available. Its pre-order page shows that the two expansions are part of the ‘Deluxe’ edition of the game. It is twenty euros more expensive than the standard version.

It was already announced that Darksiders III will be released on November 27 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release follows about six years after Darksiders II.