Dark mode is available in WhatsApp

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The Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp have received an update that officially adds a dark mode. With iOS 13 and Android 10, the dark mode is activated by the operating system.

Users of Android 9 and below must enable dark mode via the settings of WhatsApp itself. With Android 10 and the latest iOS version, the chat application automatically switches to dark mode if users have also set their operating system to a dark theme.

Facebook has designed a dark interface for WhatsApp per operating system. With the iOS version it is a bit darker, with real black. With the Android version, that is a dark gray shade. Dark mode will be available to all users from Tuesday, after updating the app.

The arrival of a dark mode has been a long time coming. As early as 2018, the first references for such a mode were in a beta version of the chat app. Early this year there was a working dark mode in beta versions of the chat app for the first time.

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