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Dark display mode now also available on Whatsapp

Good news for the people who can’t help but scroll in bed in the evening and app on the mobile phone: Whatsapp has a dark theme in the settings got added. The development of the function is still in the beta phase, but will soon be available for anyone with at least the app for Android.

Dark mode

The blue light of your phone can make your sleep worse, especially if you look at your screen for a while just before bedtime. This ensures that you make the sleep hormone melatonin slower. For this reason, scientists have often warned about the use of the mobile phone just before bed.

In response to this worrying message, Apple introduced the “night shift” mode a few years ago, which makes the screen less bright and less blue. Google has also recently released a system-wide dark theme that automatically lets apps color dark.

However, the layout of Whatsapp is set as standard with light colors, so that the app – even in the night shift mode – can still be bright for the eyes. That is now changing. The beta version of the app received the dark theme last night and can, therefore, be set on phones with this version of Whatsapp.

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