D-Link starts selling Wi-Fi 6 mesh duo for 183 euros

D-Link has announced the Euro prices of two Wi-Fi 6 mesh bundles in the COVR AX1800 series. The COVR-X1862 with two mesh routers costs 183 euros, the variant with three routers costs 275 euros.

The two Wi-Fi mesh bundles support up to 1,774 Gbit/s over dual-band. With 5GHz a maximum speed of 1.2Gbit/s is possible, via 2.4GHz the routers can send a maximum of 574Mbit/s. The routers also support MU-MIMO, ofdma, BSS, WPA3 and Smart Roaming. With the latter, the routers continuously scan the strength of the WiFi signal in the network. Devices are automatically connected to the COVR point with the strongest signal.

The COVR-X1862 bundle consists of two mesh routers and offers a maximum coverage of 420m². With the COVR-X1863 bundle with three mesh routers, this maximum coverage is 600m². This can be expanded with additional COVR knife routers. Each access point also has an Ethernet port.

The coverage can also be expanded with the new DAP-X1860 Range Extender. This costs 88.90 euros and has a plug design. It has the same maximum dual-band speed of 1.774 Gbit/s as the COVR mesh routers and an Ethernet port. An LED light indicates the WiFi signal strength and there is a WPS button for connection. The range extender offers a maximum coverage of 185m2.