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Cyber ​​Security Council sounds alarm clock about shortage of IT security experts

The Cyber ​​Security Council expresses its concern about the shortage of security experts in the Netherlands. According to the council, many students go abroad, where governments invest much more money in research in IT security.

According to Bibi van den Berg of the Cyber ​​Security Council, there is a ‘considerable shortage’ of specialists in the Netherlands of IT security. The government has promised to invest more money in the sector, rising to 95 million euros per year, but the council nevertheless announces the emergency bell, since other countries are investing much more.
The council also notes that the number of students in training courses in security increases, but that graduates often go abroad. In Delft the number of students increased from four hundred to a thousand in Leiden and from one hundred and fifty to three hundred in Leiden.
Van de Berg also points to the FD on the differences in salary, so that experienced people go to the Leave US. In the US, experts would earn up to three hundred thousand dollars a year, against an average 100,000 euros in the Netherlands. The consequence of the developments would also be that there are too few teachers left and experts do not have enough time for research.
Since 2011, the Dutch Cyber ​​Security Council has been advising the government on topics in the field of IT security. The board consists of seven people from industry and four scientists.


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