Cuba will have free access to 3G network from 6 December

From 6 December, Cubans can freely access the 3G network via a subscription. Cuba is one of the last countries to offer this service. Previously, Cubans could only gain access by logging in via government e-mail accounts.

According to AP Marya Arevich, president of the Cuban telecoms monopoly Etecsa, announced via a national television channel that 3g subscriptions will be available from 6 December. The service comes online in various stages to prevent overload.

A standard subscription costs 9 euro cent per megabyte. Other packages contain 600 megabytes for about 6.17 euros and 4 gigabytes for 26.46 euros. For many Cubans, a package of 4 gigabytes is too expensive. They have a state-determined salary of about € 26 per month.

In recent years, 3g networks have been set up in several places on the island, but they were only accessible to tourists and other foreign travelers. Since the construction of a fiber-optic connection with Venezuela in 2012, Cuba is working on more widely available internet access. In 2015, the government-run internet cafes received more Wi-Fi hotspots and the rates were halved.

Internet access is still regulated by the communist government, but the restrictions have been relaxed in recent years . ]. There is now less censored on the Cuban network. However, access to a number of US-subsidized radio stations and other platforms calling for the changing of the political system on the island is not possible.


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