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Consumers must pay close attention to (fake) dating sites

This week, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets ( ACM ) entered the companies behind dating sites. On this basis, the ACM now comes with clear advice for consumers. That they have to be very alert when they have to pay on a dating site per message.


Consumers use dating sites to meet someone. At the dating sites that the ACM has researched, you pay per message and often chat – without your knowledge – with a fake profile. The messages you receive are likely to be received by a number of chat operators. Consumers sometimes pay a lot of money and ultimately do not get what they expect: a meeting.

Be alert!

They also advise consumers to be alert when you have to pay on a dating site per message. This is often the signal that you are chatting with a fake profile. After registration on such a site, you receive in a short time a deluge of messages and evasive answers to a request to have contact via other channels (mail, telephone, WhatsApp).

Pure misrepresentation

Another investigation is still underway to determine whether there are misleading consumers in these cases or whether other rules are being violated. An important reason for the ACM to investigate these types of dating sites is that they often concern vulnerable consumers.

Only after completion of the research will it become clear which websites and companies are involved.

Identify a fake dating site?

With the 8 points below you can easily identify a fake dating site yourself.

  1. These sites charge you costs per sent message.
  2. Note whether the site mentions that the profiles may be fake. This is a signal that you are dealing with such a fake dating site.
  3. After registration on the site, you will receive a lot of reactions from ‘candidates’ in a short time.
  4. The reactions are actually too good to be true to be. And the profiles often too.
  5. In the first contact, the other person wants to meet you soon. But in the reactions afterwards, he or she always postpone a meeting.
  6. If you ask to have contact via another channel (for example via WhatsApp, telephone or e-mail), the other does not respond. [19659012] The other person wants to write with you. But he does not really meet each other.
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