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Consumer organizations ask Facebook to use privacy regulation everywhere

Two international consumer organizations have asked Mark Zuckerberg to apply the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation as the standard for all Facebook services, so that the protections also belong to non-EU consumers.

Both TACD as Consumers International say in the letter that there is no reason to use a less far-reaching standard to protect Facebook users. The organizations want the privacy regulation of the EU, which will take effect from 25 May, to be applied worldwide by Facebook.
Last week, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook does not yet intend to enforce the strict privacy rules of the privacy regulation. To raise the EU to the standard, Zuckerberg said that he will act ‘in the spirit of’ the regulation and will also implement part of the privacy protection from the regulation outside the EU.
If necessary, there will be more clarity from Wednesday 11 April. the steps that Facebook will take and how it will respond to the AVG . On that day Zuckerberg will appear before a committee of the American House of Representatives, where he will give a text and explanation about the privacy scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica.
The TACD is a 1998 established umbrella organization of which a large number of European and American consumer organizations are members. For example, the Dutch Consumers Association and the Belgian organization Test-Aankoop are part of the TACD. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union and The European Consumer Organization are also part of the organization.


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