Connectivity Standards Alliance releases Matter 1.0 smart home standard

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The Connectivity Standards Alliance has released the specifications for the Matter 1.0 standard. Manufacturers can now have their products certified based on the Matter protocol to facilitate connectivity between IoT devices.

Manufacturers can now request the final specifications of the Matter standard for free, use the open source SDK and have their devices certified. More than 280 companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung SmartThings, Huawei, IKEA and Signify, have joined the alliance. They can now officially release smart home products that are compatible with the standard, provided the devices are approved by the CSA. There are currently eight authorized test labs where new products can be tested for Matter compatibility and possibly certified.

The purpose of the connection standard, developed by the CSA, is to facilitate interconnectivity between IoT devices from different manufacturers. For the time being, it is often difficult to operate smart products from different manufacturers via one app, for example. Thanks to Matter, products should be able to communicate with each other more easily by, among other things, being able to pass on statuses and other properties to each other. This should also provide clarity for the consumer, as a Matter-certified product is by definition compatible with other Matter devices. Google announced a new version of the Home app on Tuesday with support for Matter devices.

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