Caralelis a free app for Android devices that allow you to connect multiple devices simultaneously to capture. This app creates a camera network on the host device and other devices can join that network via a QR code. Once connected, the camera is opened on all connected devices and the host can make the recording on all devices simultaneously. The output can be saved as separate images or as an animated GIF made from all camera angles.

Capturing multiple camera angles with Caralel is a simple and clear process. If you are using a network-based file sharing app (for example, ShareIt, Zapya, MiDrop, etc.), you may see the process roughly the same. Just like all those apps, you must first connect all devices and you can place and record all devices from the host device. Once captured, this app takes the camera input from all connected devices and copies them to the host device, where you can save all entries as separate images or edit them to create a GIF. Here are the steps involved in the process.

Connecting smartphones

To use Caralel on multiple devices, open the app on all devices. This app shows a host and a join button on the home page. Click the Host button on one device and Close the button on the rest. If you do this, you will receive a QR code on the host device. Scan that QR code on other devices to connect them to the host device.


Once the connection is established, this app shows all connected devices on the host device along with a chat and a camera button. With the chat button, you can send an SMS to all connected devices. And the camera button starts the camera on all devices. From there, the host can switch between front and rear cameras and capture the display of all connected devices simultaneously. Upon recording, all devices send their photos to the host device.


After receiving the photos from the connected devices, the host device offers two options; one to store files individually and another to create an animated GIF. If you choose the animated GIF option, it shows you all photos with some editing options. These options include rotate, mirror, copy, delete, and change order. With these options, you can make the desired changes to the images, generate an animated GIF with them and save them on your device.

Grab this Caralel app from the Play Store.