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Company demonstrates laptop with seven screens

The company Expanscape shows a prototype of a laptop with seven screens at the CES. The laptop has six folding screens, supplemented with a small screen that is integrated in the housing.

The Aurora 7 prototype from Expanscape contains four 17.2 “screens with UHD resolution and three 7” screens with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. One of the latter is an integrated touchscreen. The company has developed an ingenious system with folding and extending the screens to accommodate all panels on a single device.

Expanscape uses a modified significantly in their own words ODM notebook and, in the prototype is a Core i9-9900K and GTX-card being processed. The entire system can work on a single battery although it is not known what the battery capacity is and how long the device can keep up on a single charge. The manufacturer has made the prototype with security managers, data scientists and graphic designers in mind as users. Aurora 7 could serve as a mobile security operations center, among other things.

The idea of ​​equipping laptops with multiple screens is not new. One of the first elaborations of this was the ThinkPad W700ds from 2009, with a 17 “screen and additional extendable 10.6” panel. In 2017, Razer showed a prototype of a laptop with three 4k screens .

Another prototype is the TeenySERV, a portable pocket server with two 7 “screens with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels and a small keyboard with background lighting. The server runs on a Core i7 and has 64 GB of ram. A programmable Arduino microcontroller is also integrated in it.

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