Clubhouse is the latest social media app, do you already have an account?

It’s never boring in the world of social media. Instagram is constantly renewing itself, TikTok is still a hit. And now there is a whole new medium: Clubhouse. Not to be confused with the music. This app distinguishes itself from all existing platforms because it is completely voice-based. Moreover, you can use it well for private and business purposes, because the topics that are discussed vary widely. In special Rooms and Clubs you can listen to conversations that are being held and participate in them yourself. Sometimes these are open conversations where everyone is welcome, but there are also private chats for protected groups. It’s a bit like listening to a podcast or attending a network meeting.

Clubhouse: voice only

Because the app focuses entirely on audio, it is unique for that reason alone. And that is also the reason why we expect that at least many people will become curious about the latest social mediaplatform. On American sites Clubhouse is already compared to Twitter, only with voice. As we told you, some Clubs are public and others are private. In the latter case, the administrator must allow you. From that moment on you can participate in the conversation or just listen to what is being said as a spectator. At the moment you can only sign up as an iPhone user for Clubhouse, because the app is not yet offered in the Google Play Store. And you can now only use it by invitation. The first users of the app are very enthusiastic, so that bodes well!

This is how the Clubhouse app works:

  • The app is still ‘invite only’: you will be admitted as soon as someone invites you to it.
  • Once you are in the app, you can search and add contacts you already know. This way you collect followers and you start following people that you find interesting.
  • There are also many celebrities on Clubhouse and if you search carefully, you will automatically discover all kinds of interesting people and clubs who talk about your interests. From gardening and cats to serious conversations about taking over, investing and finances.
  • At the moment the app is growing enormously, but there are still relatively few Dutch people on it. Therefore, also search for English terms to find interesting people and clubs.
  • The advantage of being one of the first is that you can take the initiative to open clubs about your interests or field. You may be the first Dutch person to do this and become a real trendsetter.
  • As a new user you can also give away 2 ‘tickets’ to new users.

Celebrities at Clubhouse

You can bet that influencers will soon be on Clubhouse. For example, at the moment you can already find Oprah, Kevin Hart, and many more on the platform. Always wanted to talk to your idols? You may be able to get into a chat with them. Because you can only come in by invitation, it feels a bit like being on a VIP list. The makers wanted to give the app that exclusive feeling and it is of course very smart and immediately the reason why you will find many celebrities there.

Calls are not recorded

Good to know: the conversations that take place at Clubhouse are available live and cannot be played back, also recording is not possible. In this way, the platform wants to offer a safe environment in which everyone can talk freely. Clubhouse went live less than a year ago and after a run-up period there are now more than half a million users worldwide. That number is now going to increase very quickly.

Early adopters

The app was conceived and developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. And despite the app having only 1,500 users in May 2020, its value was already estimated at $ 100 million by then. This is the new social media you want to be on in 2021. And currently has the only clubs that you can actually visit. Can’t wait to ditch the app? Make sure you get an invitation so you can be one of those early adopters and can claim authority. If you are an entrepreneur, this is also very interesting. Who knows, you might become a well-known Clubhouse influencer yourself.

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