Chip manufacturer Intel suspends activities in Russia

Chip manufacturer Intel has decided to suspend all activities in Russia because of the war with Ukraine. Earlier, the company decided to stop supplying to Russia and Belarus. Intel has 1,200 employees in Russia.

The company writes that in a news item. Intel says it is doing everything it can to speak out against Russia’s war with Ukraine. That is why it has decided to immediately shut down all activities in Russia. Intel has 1,200 employees in Russia. Intel doesn’t say what will happen to them, but it does say it’s doing its best to “help all of its employees through this difficult time,” including those in Russia. It has also taken steps to ensure that stopping in Russia has minimal impact on global services.

In early March, Intel announced that it would no longer supply products to Russia and Belarus because of the war. The company also started a donation campaign for victims of the war. AMD then also stopped supplying Russia and Belarus. In February, several chipmakers said that the war in Ukraine would not lead to additional chip shortages.

Intel is not the first to stop operations in Russia. On Monday, game publisher Wargaming announced it was leaving Russia and Belarus and earlier Apple, Google and Spotify, among others, also stopped in Russia, Microsoft, LG, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, and Samsung among others stopped sales in Russia and Amazon did not take new ones. AWS customers from Russia and Belarus more.