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Chinese ambassador to Germany threatens with consequences of exclusion Huaweis 5G

“If Germany excludes Huawei from the German [5g] market, there will be consequences,” the Chinese ambassador to Germany said on Saturday. German exclusion of Huaweis 5g equipment is not yet certain, but part of the government is in favor.

The ambassador, Wu Ken, made the statement at an event organized by the German business newspaper Handelsblatt. The politician stated that out of the 28 million cars that Germany sold last year, a quarter had China as their market. The implication is that a ban on Huawei equipment for the German 5G infrastructure would be met with a Chinese import ban on German cars. He also calls a possible Huawei ban “pure protectionism” and denies in all tones that Huawei could and would want to spy on behalf of the Chinese government, which many suspects.

There is no bill to specifically ban Huaweis 5g-tech from Germany, but there is one to exclude all ‘unreliable’ 5g suppliers from both critical and secondary parts of the 5g infrastructure. According to a Bloomberg report , this proposal is “tailor-made” for Huawei since it requires that the political and legal systems of the company’s home country should also be included in the decision. Chancellor Merkel wants to set limits and conditions to Huawei, but also keeps the trade relationship with China in mind.

Alternatives on Huawei are the Finnish Nokia and the Swedish Ericsson. However, German telco’s have already stated that going into partnership with these two parties and excluding Huawei will make the introduction of 5g more expensive and slower in Germany.

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