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Check out the red version of the OnePlus 6 that comes out next week

No, it is not (PRODUCT) RED but the new OnePlus 6 variant in red nevertheless looks good. After the white version came on the market a while ago (and that is nice), OnePlus now also launches a red version . It is not entirely clear whether this is a limited edition, but with the red OnePlus 5 this was true. The phone can be ordered directly on the OnePlus website, but you can not choose how much memory and storage you want with this variant.

There is only one variant and that is the one with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. The price has remained the same: 569 euros. That is – still – a damn good deal for how much telephone you get for it. The color is then no more than an extra choice, but it could perhaps pull someone over the line that it does not do for black or white.

Special red

The color is apparently also something special, if you have the blog post by CEO Pete Lau must believe. Apparently it is not easy to get exactly the right color red, but if the white OnePlus 6 is an indication of how much effort they put into it to get exactly the right shade, then it’s a mustache. In that sense it is actually unfortunate that OnePlus has no or hardly any presence in stores, because if a phone really looks good, it can be a good trigger to buy it.
If you have already been triggered by the video and the images you have to be patient for a while: the red version will only be available in the Netherlands from 10 July. Maybe by that time the Bullets Wireless will be available again, because apparently they are not to be dragged at all because of the popularity.

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