Cell phones have displaced cameras: Samsung

Samsung has presented a study in Spain which confirms the greatest fear of the manufacturers of cameras: the mobile phone has definitely replaced the specialized devices.
In an event to celebrate the launch of the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the South Korean giant said that at least 83 percent of users choose their phone to take pictures and that 54 percent observe the camera Your mobile device as a key element when choosing a phone.
The study also reveals that the smartphone has replaced other devices that can also take pictures, such as digital cameras, preferred only by 17 percent of respondents, tablets (4 percent), analog cameras (1 percent) ) and action cameras (1 percent).
The report reveals one more detail: that 34 percent of respondents use photography or video through mobile for work communications or as a working tool.
Nowadays, the photographer has also become the protagonist. Precisely for this reason, the front cameras are also so important. In general, the study reveals that users require good focus and good lighting at all times.
In addition, having editing tools is essential: 51 percent of respondents say they apply some type of filter and 50 percent modify adjustments such as exposure to improve the final image.
The Samsung study took into consideration interviews with people of Generation Z, influencers and image professionals, as well as an online test among Internet users in Spain.
The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus incorporate advanced photography tools as our tests have shown. On the one hand, the Emoji AR allow users to use the device more fun, while on the other the main dual camera allows making brighter and more professional images thanks to its opening that goes from f / 1.5 to f / 2.4.

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