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Case manufacturer: “This is what the iPhone SE 2 looks like”

It could just be that the production of the iPhone SE 2 has already started at this time. Apple has not yet officially announced the device. But accessory maker Totallee is ready for it: you can already buy an iPhone SE 2 case there.

iPhone SE 2 case

For quite a few months there have been rumors about the new iPhone SE 2. According to insiders, the device will look very much like the iPhone 8 from 2017. If that’s right, the iPhone SE 2 will be a device with the classic iPhone design. That is, with a wide border around the screen and a home button. The device gets a 4.7-inch screen and a single camera. We hope that it is the same camera as the iPhone XR, with which you can take portrait photos. The SE 2 will probably get an A13 processor, such as the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (Max).

The rumors have become so concrete that Totallee dared to make a case for the new iPhone on that basis. The super slim case is available in matte black and matte white. And there is a transparent version if you don’t want to hide the design of the iPhone. If you order it now, it will be sent on March 24 – luckily there is still a money-back guarantee. On the images in the article, you can see the end result!

iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9?

This case maker is convinced that Apple’s new budget model will be named iPhone SE 2. However, iPhone 9 is also a great contender. Apple has not officially announced that a new iPhone is coming. In fact, it doesn’t even contain an Apple keynote …

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