Car brands Lancia and Alfa Romeo will be fully electric from 2026 and 2027

The parent company Stellantis wants Lancia to become fully electric from 2026 and Alfa Romeo from 2027. The focus on EVs for the two brands was announced Tuesday by the company during its half-year results presentation

During the presentation, Stellantis announced the new strategy for Alfa Romeo and Lancia. In addition, the company wants to bring 11 new electric cars on the market over the next 24 months, spread over the various car brands. The company previously announced its intention to invest more in electric vehicles.

The company also provides little information about how it intends to achieve its objectives. It is also not clear whether Lancia will be sold throughout Europe again. At the moment Lancia is mainly focused on the Italian market.

In addition to the two Italian car brands, Stellantis also manages a large number of other brands. Fiat also falls under Stellantis, just like Maserati. Also non-Italian brands such as Opel, Dodge, Citroën and Chrysler are now part of the portfolio of the multinational.

Earlier, Stellantis also announced that the German car brand Opel will become fully electric. It is intended that from 2028 all Opel cars will be electric. For the time being, this only concerns Europe.