Canonical Releases Ubuntu 21.10 Impish Indri with Gnome 40

Canonical has released Ubuntu 21.10. Impish Indri uses Gnome 40, a long-awaited change but not the most recent release. The distro has also undergone relatively few external changes.

Ubuntu 21.10 has been available as a beta for a few weeks now, but will be released for wider use among users later on Thursday. The biggest change in the operating system is the move to Gnome 40, now a widely used desktop environment in other Linux distros, but which Ubuntu has not yet used. That is still not the most modern that is available, because Gnome 41 has already been released.

One of the bigger changes from Gnome 40 is that the worksheet switcher is now horizontal instead of vertical. Gnome 40 also has new gesture controls to take advantage of that. There are not many visual changes in the desktop. For example, the Dock is still on the left.

Ubuntu 21.10 ships with LibreOffice 7.2 and Thunderbird 91. The Snap application will now be the default for Firefox. 21.10 is a minor update and not an LTS release. Support will therefore run until July 2022, after which Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will appear.