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Canon appears to be a victim of Maze ransomware

Camera manufacturer Canon has probably fallen victim to a ransomware attack. Several domains have been affected by the Maze ransomware, making websites and internal mail systems inaccessible.

Bleeping Computer encountered an internal email sent by Canon’s IT department. It states that the American branch of Canon has accessibility problems with various applications and systems. Employees would not be able to use Teams and e-mail, and other systems. The American website is also not available, although the international version is.

Bleeping Computer also saw a ransom note. This shows that Canon has been affected by the Maze ransomware. Maze is notorious for not only encrypting files, but stealing them and putting them online if the affected company doesn’t pay. As a result, sensitive information can sometimes end up on the street.

The criminals allegedly confirmed to Bleeping Computer that they carried out the attack. They say they have stolen ten terabytes of data and private databases from Canon. The criminals have not yet provided any evidence for this. Canon itself has not yet confirmed that it is affected by ransomware. The company says it is still investigating the situation.

Initially, it seemed that the hosting site would also have been affected, but it turns out that this is not the case. suffered from an outage for six days, but it had nothing to do with ransomware.

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