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Canceling without hassle: Sepastop launches a playful campaign

The cancellation website,, launches a new campaign: ‘Cancel Without Hassle’. In this way they want to highlight the problems surrounding the cancellation of subscriptions. Something that appears to be up-to-date for many Dutch people. Some companies still make it difficult to cancel a contract. It is often still a hassle that consumers look up to. Sepastop can help with that.

You struggle with unclear notice conditions, notice periods, pushy salesmen, an unreachable ‘customer service’, etc. With this campaign we want to reach both companies and consumers in a playful way

Hilarious campaign

The campaign consists of 3 videos in which they make fun of the cancellation world by depicting typical situations in a humorous way. In the first video a woman has a nightmare because she did not dare to cancel her fitness subscription. The second video sketches a recognizable situation in which you call a customer service and are continually interconnected. In video three, situated in a proverbial maze, a man hopelessly searches for the right way to terminate a contract. All three videos can be viewed below.

Cancellation via informs consumers and helps to cancel all kinds of subscriptions and contracts. The website was established in 2016 and is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Austria.

On the site there are cancellation letters for more than 2,000 different services. The offer ranges from fitness subscriptions and insurance contracts to credit cards and memberships of political parties and trade unions. The cancellation conditions are also clearly stated in clear language.

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