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Campaign promotes train travel with airline passengers at airports

Eurostar, the high-speed train connecting the European continent to the United Kingdom, launches a new tongue-in-cheek campaign. They promote the benefits of traveling by train with Dutch travelers at the airports of Schiphol and Rotterdam.


The digital out of home creations emphasize the advantages of traveling by train instead of the plane. You have a generous amount of baggage allowance, a comfortable journey from the city center to the city center, lots of legroom and a lower CO 2 footprint. A Eurostar journey from London to Amsterdam emits 5 times less CO2 per passenger than a flight.

New connection

This new campaign builds on the successful launch of our new connection between London and the Netherlands in April, and by showing the advantages of high-speed trains, we expect even more Dutch travelers will make the switch from plane to train, “says Guillemette Jacob, Director of Marketing and Product at Eurostar.


The campaign runs until 3 August 2018 and can be seen in the departure halls of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport, but also on television and digital OOH.

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