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Calls to other EU countries will cost a maximum of 23 cents per minute from May 2019

The European Parliament has adopted regulations that limit the maximum cost of calling to other countries within the European Union to 23 cents per minute. Texting within the EU will soon cost a maximum of 7 cents. The rules will enter into force on 15 May 2019.

The new regulations were adopted by a large majority by the member states of the European Parliament. In June an agreement was reached about the rules; they have now been confirmed by the vote. With Dutch providers, customers now pay between 25 and 75 cents per minute for calls to other EU countries.

The rules refer to amounts of 19 cents per minute calls and 6 cents per SMS. These are the amounts excluding VAT. Including the VAT rate of 21 percent that is used in the Netherlands and Belgium, this amounts to 23 and 7 cents.

Part of the regulations that have been adopted is that a ‘reversed 112 system’ will be introduced at the European level. that should warn citizens via SMS or an app. It has also been decided that EU countries must make the frequencies suitable for 5g available by 2020.

Furthermore, the new rules should offer more consumer protection. For example, customers who purchase various services from a provider must be able to cancel part of these services without being chased at costs, which writes to the European consumer organization Beuc . Also, the termination of a contract should be simpler.

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