Call of Duty Zombies Fashion Director Jason Blundell Leaves Treyarch After 13 Years

Treyarch co-president Jason Blundell is leaving the company after 13 years. Blundell headed the team responsible for Zombies Mode, a popular part of the game series. It is unknown where Blundell is going now and why he is stopping.

Blundell Announces Treyarch’s Leaving on Twitter. In the message, he thanks his team and the Zombies community. According to Blundell, he has been inspired by what that community has said over the years and the interaction between fans and developers has been one of the most beautiful aspects of the mode.

According to PC Gamer, Blundell started out as a developer on Call of Duty 3. He got involved in Zombies Mode when he created two maps for the mode for Black Ops 2. On the sequel Black Ops 3, he directed both Zombie Mode and Single Player Mode. At the end of 2016, he became co-director of Treyarch.

Zombies Mode is part of Call of Duty, in which up to eight players must stand their ground against an endless stream of zombies. Players get points by injuring zombies. These points can be used to purchase weapons, among other things. First the zombies were Nazis and the mode was called Nazi Zombies. In later games, there were other zombies as well.