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Cabinet really wants more electric cars on the Dutch road

The Cabinet wants to drive harder on more electric cars on Dutch roads. Secretary of State Stientje van Veldhoven of Infrastructure wants to discuss this with the car industry, and one of the ideas she has to stimulate sales is a course for car sellers.

The State Secretary thinks that salesmen do not have a good story when they sell electric cars. The purchase price may be higher, but in the long term that pays off easily in the lower maintenance and especially fuel costs. “That story must clearly explain sellers to potential customers.” She says about it AD .

Are the car sellers really to blame?

Car salesmen came a while ago negative in the news when it appeared that in Scandinavia (where relatively many electric cars are sold) did not make any effort to electric cars like to offer an option and even went to the trouble of talking to consumers. Apparently there is less to earn from electric cars, although it is also perfectly possible that many dealers have an order from above in order not to sell too many electric cars. Whether the proposed compulsory course of the Secretary of State would yield a lot is the question.

That’s what a spokesman for the RAI says. The biggest stumbling block for electric cars is the high purchase price. You can count on lower costs in the future, but if you simply do not have 40,000 euros to spend on a new car, it stops. An acquisition subsidy or loan-free loan from the government would work much better. Lease drivers of course already get that but for the ordinary car buyer there is no mechanism to make buying an electric car attractive. The addition counts fortunately for the time being at 4 percent in any case for the models under 50,000 euros, but that’s what is said. If the cabinet really wants to see more electric cars, they will still have to make it attractive. Then you know immediately whether the sellers are jamming or not.

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