Buying souvenirs outside the EU, do you know what you can or can not take with you?

Tomorrow is the last school day for schools in the South region. As usual, many Dutch people choose this year for a holiday in a sunny location outside the European Union. Favorite is Turkey, followed by the Netherlands Antilles. And Cape Verde is doing well too.

But although almost half of all travelers keep trunk space free for buying souvenirs, there is still a lot of ignorance about what is or is not allowed by Dutch Customs. Something that we still doubt quite often, according to research commissioned by Customs.

In order to provide more clarity, Dutch Customs has therefore started a summer campaign. Through an app you check quickly and easily per destination what you can and can not take back to the Netherlands.

Exotic souvenirs and purchases

You see them more and more often as a living accessory: cleaned and gracefully decorated animal skulls of, for example, a cow or buffalo. But whether or not you can take this home from Indonesia is a difficult question. This is shown by a poll among Dutch people who have visited one or more destinations from the top-10 travel destinations. More than 80% of the Dutch think this is not allowed, but this is only allowed if it is cleaned properly.

There is also a lot of doubt about whether a liter bottle of Mexican Mezcal can be taken home with the famous worm. 67.7% think this is not allowed. This is allowed because a worm is not an endangered species.

Anyone who buys a new pro tablet or laptop in New York with a purchase value in excess of € 430 can not simply walk past Customs. You should report this and you have to pay tax on this. Only 32.2% of the Dutch are aware of this.

The 10 most popular destinations outside the EU

  1. Turkey
  2. Netherlands Antilles
  3. Egypt
  4. United States
  5. Indonesia
  6. Cape Verde
  7. Thailand
  8. Morocco
  9. Mexico
  10. Canada

Self Check? With the Customs Travel App for Android and iOS you can easily check what is allowed back home.