Bungie postpones Destiny 2 free version and Shadowkeep expansion for two weeks

Destiny 2: New Light, the upcoming free-to-play version of the game, has been delayed until October 1. Earlier, developer Bungie said it would release the free version on September 17. The paid standalone DLC Shadowkeep has also been postponed.

Bungie writes on its website that as the release date gets closer, it has become apparent that a little more time is needed. It is not clear what will be adjusted in the two weeks. Bungie also reports that now that it is independent, it can make such decisions itself. At the beginning of this year, Bungie stopped working with Activision. The company has since continued independently and has been able to keep the rights to Destiny in its own hands.

Bungie announced a free version of Destiny 2 at E3 in June. That version will be titled New Light and will also include the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions already released for the game. At the same time, a new expansion titled Shadowkeep is also coming. Players do have to pay for this, but it is not necessary to purchase previous expansions. Shadowkeep takes place on the moon.