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Brew coffee everywhere with your own portable coffee machine

You sometimes need a good container coffee . In fact, of two cups of coffee per day, we might even live longer . How convenient and tasty would it be if we had a good cup of coffee at any time?

Portable coffee maker

This is certainly possible with the new portable coffee maker Asobu Cold Brew. With this you can easily make coffee. At the top you do ground coffee. You pour water over this. This lets you draw 12 to 24 hours, for a liter of fresh coffee.

The upper part with the filter, you can disconnect. Then you can easily take the bottom steel part as a coffee cart. The Asobu Cold Brew is made of lightweight material and has completely leak-proof lids. The coffee stays fresh for hours. You have a choice of hot coffee and iced coffee. You add ice cubes for the iced coffee. The coffee stays cold in the Asobu Cold Brew for 24 hours and hot coffee stays hot for twelve hours.

Coffee innovations

Coffee innovations are increasingly common. For example, a battery-operated coffee machine is upcoming. The Asobu Cold Brew won the first prize for best coffee innovation, at the World of Coffee fair in Amsterdam.

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