Brave Search will show advertising and get a premium option

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The search engine Brave Search will show advertisements. In addition, Brave Software will offer a subscription for users who prefer not to see advertisements. The Search Premium subscription costs three dollars per month.

Brave Software writes that the ads are clearly labeled on Brave Search so that they can be distinguished from regular search results. An icon will be shown to the right of an advertisement on the search engine. The feature is currently still in beta, which is why there is a beta label attached to the icon.

The developer emphasizes that the ads do not track or profile users. Brave says the ads use three types of information: the search query, the user’s country, and the type of device the search was made on. Furthermore, no advertising profile of the user is maintained, Brave claims.

During the beta phase, only text advertising will be shown on Brave Search. Brave Software plans to eventually integrate the advertising service with the Brave Browser’s private advertising feature. For the time being, users who have opted for Brave Private Ads will not see any advertisements on the search engine.

Source: Brave Software

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