Brave Search removes last connections to Bing search engine

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Search engine Brave Search says it has removed the last remnants of its connection to Microsoft’s search engine Bing. Until recently, about 7 percent of all searches in Brave Search were processed through Bing.

According to the privacy-focused browser, “total independence has always been Brave’s main goal,” and reliance on “big tech” didn’t fit into that. The search engine therefore uses according to Brave from now on a completely own index without using the Bing search engine API. The user might still have some trouble with that: “Removing all requests through Bings api may have an effect on certain searches, for some regions, and for search results specific to a language.” Brave encourages users to share as much feedback as possible, which is made easy by placing a dedicated button below the search bar.

As an added benefit of the independent search index, Brave is also likely to save some money with this as Microsoft lowers the price for using the Bing API next month. significantly increases. Depending on the restrictions on the maximum number of transactions per second, an average subscription will cost three to ten times as much as before from 1 May. With 22 million searches per day, of which about 7 percent were done via Bing, Brave Search spent an average of almost $11,000 per day on Bing search results based on the old prices of an S1 subscription. With the new prices, that would be about $ 38,500 per day.

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