Boston Dynamics makes a robot dance video clip to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Boston Dynamics has released a new robot dance video to ring in the new year. The company has pulled out a lot more this time than in its previous clip, which only featured the yellow dog-like robot Spot. The moves are also visibly better this time.

In addition to Spot, Atlas and Handle, respectively the humanoid and the box mover, can now be seen. The robots do different types of dance moves, where they briefly stand on one leg, use the arms, jump and more. The images were cut, so several takes may have been necessary to get everything properly recorded.

The American Boston Dynamics has recently been more often on videos with higher production values. Whereas in the past they mainly simply put quickly shot images on YouTube, they have been making music videos for a few years now, but also demonstrations with more editing work and real advertisements.

Boston Dynamics has been working on its robots for many years. The company was acquired by Google in 2013, which sold it on to the Japanese Softbank in 2017. Earlier this month, it was announced that Softbank has sold another 80 percent of Boston Dynamics to South Korean Hyundai Motor.