‘Booking.com will cut a maximum of a thousand jobs in Amsterdam’

Trade union FNV expects that up to a thousand jobs will be lost at Booking.com’s Amsterdam head office. That is less than the company itself seemed to forecast three months ago, when announcing a rigorous reorganization.

Booking.com announced in August that it would lay off a quarter of its workforce worldwide and feared that this would lead to the loss of 1,375 jobs at its Amsterdam headquarters. FNV director Bob Bolte tells the FD that he expects that this will not be the case and that at the head office in Amsterdam certainly no more than a thousand employees will lose their jobs.

Worldwide, Booking.com has more than two hundred offices and 17,500 employees. Divided over ten locations, 5,500 people work at the Amsterdam head office, including many developers. According to the FD, Booking.com is one of the largest employers in Amsterdam. It is not yet known how many people will actually lose their jobs: the management is still negotiating with the works council.

Booking Holding announced on Thursday its quarterly known . In the first quarter of 2020, the company suffered a loss of EUR 645 million, in the second quarter of EUR 375 million. The number of hotel bookings has collapsed due to the corona crisis. Last year, the company posted a profit of 850 million euros in the second quarter.