BLOX: buy and sell bitcoins

However volatile the price of bitcoin is, it is safe to say that digital currency has become an indispensable part of the (financial) world. It remains attractive to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and potentially make a big profit. But of course you need a reliable party or “exchange office” for buying cryptocurrency. That is, for example, the Dutch app BLOX, where you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, among others.

This is how BLOX works

After you have downloaded BLOX, you create an account in the app and then buy credit with a credit card, iDEAL or by bank transfer from your bank account. The topping up works a bit like with an OV chip card. You can then exchange the credit for various digital coins. As mentioned, not only bitcoins, but also Ether or Litecoin. In addition, the app contains useful statistics to analyze the price and you get a weekly update with the most striking events in cryptoland. It is nice that BLOX does not scatter with all kinds of difficult concepts, but explains everything in clear language. As the creators of the app themselves say, “Even our grandmas get it.”

Very easy

Another big advantage of BLOX is that you don’t have to have a complicated ‘wallet’ (wallet for Bitcoins), but that you simply manage your digital money at BLOX itself. That makes it much more accessible to have bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, because believe us, managing a wallet yourself is a big job.

In short, with BLOX Buy Bitcoin very easy – just as easy than making a transfer in your bank’s app.