Bloomberg: Apple delays mixed reality headset after development problems

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Apple is reportedly delaying the unannounced mixed reality headset for several months to a year due to development issues. Initially, the VR and AR headset was expected to be announced at WWDC in June this year with a release later in 2022.

The mixed reality headset would have too many problems with overheating for the time being, Bloomberg reports. The associated software and camera system for tracking user movement would also cause a backlog. Nevertheless, the news website reports that prospective sellers should be on standby to be ready for the release of the product. The headset is now expected to be announced in late 2022 at the earliest, but probably not until 2023. The actual release would also take place sometime next year.

In recent months, a lot of unofficial information about Apple’s alleged mixed reality headset has come out. For example, the gadget would have three screens and Wi-Fi 6E and advanced hand gestures should be supported. VR and AR products should eventually replace the iPhone. Initially, on the other hand, this headset would mainly be intended for a niche to introduce customers to virtual and augmented reality.

Apple may have been working on the mixed reality headset since 2015. To prevent overheating, the company would have had an external processor unit in mind at an early stage of development. This separate and more coolable PC would then wirelessly transmit images to the headset. This idea was scrapped because an additional device needed was seen as inconvenient.

Drawing of what the Apple headset might look like based on descriptions from anonymous sources. Source: The Information

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