Blizzard releases Overwatch crossplay in beta

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Blizzard Entertainment has released the first beta of the crossplay capability in Overwatch. Players can now play against each other on all platforms, although there are restrictions on the Competitive mode.

Cross play is according to the developer available to everyone. Earlier this month, publisher Blizzard said the feature would be available “soon.” It is still a beta version. Players can play against each other from the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. There is an opt-out for the feature, where players will only be matched with other players on the same console. These are only players who have also opted out.

Players can play together anywhere in the Quick Play, Arcade and Custom modes. It works differently for Competitive. There console players can play against each other, but PC players can only be matched with other PC players.

It is only possible to play across different platforms, but switching to other platforms is not easy. Skins and other collectibles will not be carried over if players continue on another platform.

To play online, all console players are required to switch to a account. They have to create a new account and link it to their console. PC players can already use crossplay automatically.

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