Blizzard Expands Client With Gift Feature And Group Chats

Blizzard has expanded its desktop client with some new features. For example, players can give each other gifts and a new tab called Social has been added, which includes group chats and individual chats.

According to Blizzard, it is now possible to send messages to friends who are offline. They will then receive the message as soon as they come back online. Group chats offer the possibility to create different channels, for example for voice or text messages. Admins can invite others to join such a group. The chats work with the recently released iOS and Android app.

Another new feature is gift giving via the client. In the Shop section it is possible to purchase games, merchandise and loot boxes, for example. Some products are suitable for gifting to other players. This option now exists for Hearthstone packs as well.

Furthermore, there are options for players to customize their profile by choosing one of the hundred avatars or creating a status message. Finally, Blizzard is introducing a feature to appear offline in contacts’ friends lists. That does not affect participating in matchmaking. Until now, players only had the option to choose ‘out of office’ or ‘busy’ as the alternate status.

The group chat function