Black Myth: WuKong will be released in Summer 2024

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Black Myth: WuKong will be released in Summer 2024. The Souls-like game from Chinese developer Game Science Studio mentions a concrete date for the first time in a striking trailer.

The developer of the game has put a teaser trailer online which is complemented by stop motion footage of a rabbit trying to install the game. The rabbit, a reference to the Chinese New Year that marks the start of the Year of the Rabbit, is then shown a countdown clock that continues until 2024. The makers say that the game will be released in the summer of that year, but do not mention a specific release date.

A more extensive gameplay trailer for the game was released last year. The game was announced way back in 2020, but had no official release date until now. Black Myth: WuKong is an action RPG with Dark Souls-like gameplay elements. The story is based on the Chinese story The Journey to the West. The game follows the mythical figure of Sun Wukong, a monkey with supernatural powers.

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