Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies together are worth more than Apple

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Apple is the most valuable company in the world. In the past quarter, the company generated $ 89.6 billion in revenue – 54 percent more than the same period last year. In total, Apple is worth about $ 2.2 trillion! But do you know what else is worth more than Apple? The crypto market, consisting of Bitcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoins keep growing

The cryptocurrency market has been growing for years. Every few months you will hear in the news that Bitcoin has hit a new record, as have other popular currencies such as Ethereum. Today, the entire crypto market is worth more than many of the largest companies in the world. A while ago, the crypto market had Microsoft already overtaken in terms of business value, the second most valuable company in the world. Two weeks ago, the value of Bitcoin and the other currency was so high that it overtook Apple, a $ 2.203 trillion company. Bitcoin alone was then worth $ 1.2 trillion, Ether about $ 320 billion. In total, the crypto market was good for about $ 2.24 trillion.

Corona promotes cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been on an almost unprecedented lift for about a year. According to analysts, this is mainly due to the corona crisis. At a time when confidence in the ‘traditional’ economy is declining, the desire for alternatives is growing. And many people have found profitable investment opportunities with Bitcoin, Ether, and others. Whether now is indeed a good time to invest in cryptocurrency? You can read that in this one, for example guide to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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