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Android Q Beta improves dual-SIM function Pixel phones

The second beta of Android Q, which was released on Wednesday evening, improves the dual sim support of Pixel phones. It is now possible to have both connections active at the same time, something that was not yet possible in the first beta.

Tech journalist Owen Williams, who lives in the Netherlands, says that the phone must be restarted to enable dual sim dual standby. Dsds (Dual SIM, Dual Standby) is the way almost all current dual sim smartphones work; the phone has reception via two different providers, but the device can only set up a connection with one at a time, for example for a phone call. There is also dual sim dual active, where users can use both connections at the same time, for example by receiving a phone call on each connection, but few devices support that.

With the support for dsds, both connections are active at the same time, but users must choose which phone the phone uses for outgoing calls and data as standard. The Pixel 3 has a single SIM slot but also has Google Fi via an e-SIM. The Pixel 2 has that too.

The phone now also shows two provider names in the notification bar and no longer switches between providers, which the first beta did. The step indicates that Pixel phones will support Android Q dsds. Google has not confirmed that itself. The second beta also contains a new way of multitasking via bubbles.

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